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Here is what you will learn Right Now on this incredible free training webcast...
NOTE: the replay has a “scroll bar” at the bottom, so you can just go ahead and fast forward to any part below that interests you. (You’re welcome!)
  • TIME — Content
  • 13:20 - Ed shows you the key mindset hack to finding new clients now.
  • 14:35 - Ed shows you perfect system for closing new deals (and it requires no “selling” at all).
  • 19:30 - Together we show you how one student launched her consulting biz from scratch into a $10k deal, then within a year had 6-figure business. (Oh...and she never even intended to become a consultant).
  • 24:30 - Ed shows you the 5 best business models to start or grow this year. (These are based on real deals have come in over the last 36 months).
  • 26:50 - We show you a case study of a former high school principal who is consistently closing deals between $5,000 and $35,000. 
  • 30:05 - Ed demonstrates the fastest way to make an extra $10,000 right now.
  • 32:00 - Mike conducts a live demo of the new “6 Figure Text Message” System that’s been responsible for $8k, $18k, $29k, and $70k deals.
  • 39:00 - Ed taught word-for-word the 8 words that automatically close deals (and he’ll show you how to do it without sounding pitchy, salesy, or hypey).
  • 40:45 - Ed unveils the brand new “Yes Before the Yes” Technique that flat out guarantees you’ll close more deals for more money. 
  • 43:35 - Ed shows you the 8 key things you need in your consulting toolkit. (NOTE: you need all 8 to get paid what you’re worth.) 
  • 45:00 - Ed shows you 5 sure-fire ways to get customers and clients to come to you. (In other words, you can say goodbye to pointless cold calling, prospecting, and “networking” lunches.) 
  • 47:05 - Ed breaks down the 6 key Consulting Pricing Models so you know exactly what to charge on your next deal. 
  • 49:45 - Ed tells you how to answer the question, “So what do you do?” (Admit wish you had a better way to answer this one.) 
  • 58:25 - Ed explains the difference between a coach, consultant, and advisor...and how you can easily ascend this ladder to get people to pay you for your ideas (instead of your time). 
  • 1:02:30 - Ed shows you the copy-and-paste scripts you absolutely need in your marketing arsenal. (You also need these on your hard drive...ok...we’ll explain!) 
  • 1:14:00 - Ed walks through the ground-breaking / done-for-you material inside of the “Proposal Toolkit” - a system that contains everything you need to set up and profit from a consulting business...even if you’ve never consulted before. 
  • 1:27:50 - Ed unpacked a new system we are teaching called “Money Phone” that’s already responsible for 6-figures in deals!
  • 1:32:00 - Ed and Mike revealed the MOAB - the “Mother of All Bonuses” - a chance to come in and work with Mike and Ed in a small group (i.e. 15 or less) here in San Diego. Crazy good bonus. Crazy good.
  • 1:36:00 - Ed and Mike reveal the price, payment plans, new bonus, and the guarantee.
  • 1:43:25 - Ed and Mike continue the training with a round of Q&A.
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This Webinar Special Offer Expires In...

This One Time Offer Includes...
Everything you need to run a seamless, successful consulting business written for you including the Entire Collection of Consult and Profit Resources, and all of the trainings, notes, forms, agreements, proposals, templates, scripts, and done-for-you resources.
The Fastest, Easiest, "Get Leads, Close Deals" Business-Building Course Available
You can review, watch, listen to or read the entire Consult and Profit course and be closing deals in as little as two days because the entire program is broken down into FIVE easy-to-implement modules…

This exact system has been used and implemented by hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants in dozens of countries to get and close deals in record time!

  • Position - instantly become the go-to person in your niche with 1 of 8 positioning tools.
  • Price - Get maximum value from every consulting deal by crafting “no brainer” offers.
  • Present - 30+ X-ray questions you can ask any client so they virtually beg you to work with them.
  • Pitch - word-for-word scripting on how to present and justify your price, how to counter any objection, and how to ask for the sale, without sounding “salesy” or pushy.
  • Produce - How to over-deliver, create raving fans, get more referrals, testimonials, and online business.
If you learn and retain better by listening or reading, we’ve got you covered!
  • Transcriptions - A well-organized, easy to follow pdf that has word-for-word transcripts and outlines from the entire training.
  • Action Book - Detailed notes about each module, plus fun, fill-in-the-blanks worksheets you can to take notes with while watching the course or use to test yourself after.   
  • MP3 Audio's of All Modules.  Download and take the audio files with you on any mp3 player.  
We Also Include Everything You Need For Your Consulting Business In The Proposal Toolkit!
  • Everything you need to run a seamless, successful consulting business written for you.
  • An outline for instantly creating a sales script that you can use for books, presentations, interviews, infomercials, and more!
  • Appointment Setting Script
  • Confirmation Emails
  • Confirmation Script to Schedule Speaking Events
  • Letter to Book Speaking Events
  • Sales Video Script
  • Opt-in Video Script
  • Lead Page Video Script
  • ... and So Much More!
... And If That Isn't Enough... We've Included These Amazing Bonuses!
BONUS 1: 5 Done For You Consulting Business Models
  • 5 Plug-and-Play business models ready to take off including all the scripts, forms, proposals, and agreements for Book Marketing, Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, Product Marketing, and Strategic Advisor (Ed’s favorite!).
  • 5 Ready-To-Go, Professionally-Produced, PowerPoint / Keynote presentations to use on webcasts, webinars, speaking events, and 1-on-1 presentations. (See! I told you we did the work for you!)
BONUS 2: Click Convert
Gather leads and convert new customers using drag-and-click technology your grandmother could use (it’s that easy).
FaceBook Ad Mastery (FBAM!) Video Training. Get inside on the best lead generation system on planet earth. Just a few clicks and you’re getting leads.
BONUS 4: Money Phone
The 2 Minute Video Close. Find out how Ed and Mike are closing 5-Figure Deals with short videos made on their phones.
BONUS 5: 2 In 10 Out
How to Put 2 Hours In and Get 10 Customers Out. A simple way to use nothing but text, personal email, and FB private message to fill small events that help you close deals. No mass marketing required.
BONUS 6: Use Ed's #1 Bestselling Book
License to use the content from Ed’s #1 best selling marketing book in your promotions, social media posts, and even to create your own book.
BONUS 7: WebinarJam
You'll have access to WebinarJam, the #1 Webinar Platform for Influencers and Marketers that allows you to do unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees. WebinarJam is trusted by the most popular marketers in the world. 60 Days for $1 Offer.
BONUS 8: EverWebinar
You'll have access to the #1 Automated Webinar Platform on the Market, EverWebinar! Everwebinar allows you to automate your business to simulate live events so you can focus on your marketing. 60 Days for $1 Offer.
BONUS 9: WebinarJam and EverWebinar Special Training with Mike Filsaime
As if this could get ANY better... You'll learn how to best use WebinarJam and EverWebinar in your business from the architect of the software himself, Mike Filsaime! Mike will walk you through how to get the most out of WebinarJam and EverWebinar. Buckle Up!
Together with Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush and their team, you’ll learn the latest strategies for building and engaging an audience using live interactive online video!

The single biggest and best way to start, grow and enhance nearly any business is with Facebook Live, Facebook Ads and mobile marketing. 

You need it. Your business needs it. Your clients need it.
Ed and Mike will show you:
  • How to do live training and marketing events with Facebook Live and YouTube Live
  • How to set up a mini home or office studio for $500-$2,000
  • Create a mini-product in less than a day
  • How to turn your videos or events into bestselling books to use for sales or lead generation
  • Build a lead capture sales funnel to get and “warm up” leads
  • Promote your event, sales funnel, product or service with Facebook Ads
  • How to do live sales and training webinars and webcasts
  • How to do evergreen sales funnels
  • And how to encourage your fans and followers to promote and market for you!
They're using the latest tools and systems and show you HOW they work! 

You’ll have a clear understanding of how the systems work together and how you can quickly and easily use them in your business OR for a client. Whether you want to market your business more effectively or provide video.
Best Program I’ve Been Through!
Ed Rush is not only an extremely skilled business man, he also really wants to help you succeed on a personal level. He’s very accessible and wants to help you. If stuck in what you're doing, Ed will put you on a path to success. This program is by far the best program I've been through yet!

- Gina Dagostino
Getting Clients at $500 an Hour!
Before working with Ed I was making (maybe) $100 an hour and now I am getting clients at $500 an hour! I am now making more money with less clients. I've been in this industry a long time and Ed is unique. He gets results, period. 

- Gary Rush
I Now Make Over 6-Figures!
Before working with Ed, my biggest obstacle was asking for money. I was charging $500 a month for my services. Ed added a zero to that and within a month I had 4 clients paying me $5,000. Now I make over 6-Figures. It's all due to Ed.

- Irene Tomoe Cooper
He Taught Me the Power of Words!
Ed Rush is the most impactful communicator that I've ever had the privilege of being in front of. He's taught me a lot about speaking, about language, and about the power of words. He is just a super awesome guy, generous, and genuine. 

- Dave Buckle
I'm Now Charging $35,000!
Working with Ed, my business grew exponentially. Now I am charging between $5,000 and $35,000. I absolutely would recommend Ed. The impact that Ed has had on my life has been profound. He is a skilled, brilliant guy, authentic guy who knows his stuff. 

- Jim House
Worth The Price!
Worth way more than what he's charging. This isn’t not cheap, but very worth the price. You absolutely should take advantage of this opportunity. He is going to change your life.

- Jill Fagan
Do It Now!
You can follow this step by step. If you're looking to have have more clients instantly, this is for you. Everything is canned for you. Now you just insert your own personality into it and you're going to have something that will pay itself 2 or 3 times over! Do it now. I can now easily charge double what I am now.

- Sebastian Huynh
Get Off The Fence!
The information is life changing. If you're on the fence about whether Consult and Profit is right for you, it's time to get off the fence. If you're serious about launching your product, if you're serious about helping other people, and if you're serious about putting money in your account, Consult and Profit is the right product for you.

- Cindy Arledge
Member Comments From Inside The Consult & Profit Program!
I've spent everyday since buying this program listening to and soaking up this material. 
Today I'm doing the Starbucks early coffee meeting routine with a very accomplished life insurance sales guy... talking long term planning and the conversation spins around to a small project I have going and suddenly as if I had practiced the line all my life I'm asking, "...SO, are we ready to start working together?" He instantly says yes I think so... To which I drop the magic, " SO if I can answer your last question do we have a deal?" Yahtzee and magic! Fabulous material... wish I had it 40 years ago! 

- Donald Haan
Ed, this was terrific and Mike said it correctly in Recap that this so far has been the most important and valuable part...Speak to Sell 1 & 2 have been unbelievable information as I am going through the program in order. 

I have seen many speakers present and you highlight so much content that I must truly listen to it multiple times and I am grateful for the MP3 format and the transcript format. Many very expensive programs like $10,000 price tags that I have bought over the years did NOT provide this option. Thank you very much. 

- Gail Barsky
(LIVE, In-Studio, Small Group Training)

You get an exclusive invite to come into our Digital Cafe studios here in San Diego to work with us in a very intimate, small-group session with no more than 15 people.

As soon as you order Consult and Profit, you’ll be sent a link to register for an in-studio coaching day from a list of available dates.

You pick a date that works for you and come to work with us.

It’s one part training, one part implementation, one part coaching.

Ed and Mike will be with you the whole time. 

It’s not like other trainings - we don’t just say hello in the first hour and then disappear.

We’re here to work with you, show you what’s working, help refine your deals, and maybe even make connections and introductions.

Here are some of the “what’s working now” topics and demonstrations that Ed and Mike might cover (you get to determine what areas of focus we’ll work on):
  • Lead generation & follow up
  • Mobile marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Funnel creation
  • Speaking & selling
  • Pitching & closing
  • Coaching and masterminding
  • How to do your own events to close more deals
  • Trade show and live event lead generation and sales
  • Facebook Live, YouTube Live, livestreaming, webcasts and webinars
  • How to set up a studio
  • How to present and perform on video
  • Interviewing strategies
  • Celebrity branding strategies
  • Product creation
  • Podcasting
  • Publicity
  • Book publishing
  • Marketing automation
  • Outsourcing
  • And much more!
This bonus alone is worth WAY more than the whole system combined.
Past in-studio events sell for $5,000 or more.

A private coaching day with Ed and Mike currently sells for $30,000 per day.

But You Must Register NOW because this bonus is limited to the first 150 4 people ONLY
(HURRY-we are almost sold out).

Try It Risk Free!
30-Day Make-MORE-Money Guarantee
You have 30 days to try everything out. Use the system, the tools, the scripts, the presentations, the book, and the software. If you’re not completely blown away by everything you learn and making money from the system, just send it all back and you’ll get a refund. No questions asked...and we can still be friends.
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Here are recent posts from our Private Facebook group from just a few of our members that took action, implemented and started closing deals within days (some in just hours!) of investing in themselves and the Consult and Profit system. If you want to close more deals, charge more money, become competition and recession-proof and get more time, money and family freedom, Consult and Profit will work for you too.

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