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Come “Behind the Scenes,” and Then Get Personal Coaching, Masterminding, and Walk Away with a Professional Video Interview and Sizzle Reel with Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush, and Their Production Team!
  • A Money-Making Tool for Lead Generation
  • Camera-Friendly Proof, Celebrity, Credibility, Authority Status in 48 Hours
  • An Outstanding, Professional, Reusable, Repurposable “Signature Interview”  
  • Incredible “Behind the Scenes” Photos
  • A “Sizzle Reel” for Intros and Speaking without the Years, Travel, Tens of Thousands of Dollars Hiring, Training, Sourcing, Managing...
Get Found, Seen, Watched & Promoted in Only 72 Hours!
The You Everywhere Now Celebrity Bootcamp includes everything you need to look and feel like a broadcast and online professional including a signature interview, sizzle reel, professional photos, go live on Facebook Live and get promoted to tens of thousands of people to build your audience, grow your influence, impact, authority and expert status!
Everything you need to know and prepare is in a step-by-step manual that guides you through everything you need to know in order to prepare for the bootcamp and look your best. It’s step-by-step easy and we do all the work!
Are you afraid of being on camera? Terrified of public speaking? Maybe a bit rusty? Or are you a total pro on camera or on stage? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

Learn how to look great on camera, how to interview and be interviewed and some great tips and tricks to connect and engage with your audience. You’ll look like you’ve been professionally media trained and have participated in and on several television shows and interviews, saving you tens of thousands of dollars, months in travel, outsourced production teams, time and energy IN ONLY THREE DAYS!

We limit the size of these MasterClasses so you get personalized coaching and training.
 We make sure you are prepared to get in front of the camera and shoot an interview that builds your brand, gets you found, seen, noticed and watched.
The key to effective selling is what advertising and marketing professionals call a "unique selling proposition" (USP). Unless you can pinpoint what makes your business unique in a world of competitors, you cannot target your sales efforts successfully. Determining your USP requires some soul-searching and creativity. We dive in to help you determine how you can stand out and convey what you do to your audience, to get them to take action.
We have one of the best makeup artists in the business who will make sure you’re camera-ready and look your best. You’ll look 3-10 years younger and really POP for the camera!
Need new professional headshots? We include this too. You can do two wardrobe changes and will leave with high resolution images you can use however you’d like.  In addition to the headshots, we make sure to take plenty of behind the scenes photos of your 3-Day Celebrity Bootcamp experience, and you leave with them all!
You’ll be recorded on 7 different sets, with time to change your wardrobe and create different looks, so you look like you’ve been in multiple studios with multiple hosts. It will appear as though you've been on TV 7 different times over a period of 6-36 months!
You and your fellow attendees will “Hotseat” with Mike and Ed. These hot seats help prepare you for on the fly interviews where you’ll never know what to expect. Fun, Rowdy, Personal, Serious… These hot seats will prep you for spontaneous topics and get your questions answered.
The Mike Koenigs show can now be watched online and on cable TV and here’s some incredible news - as part of Celebrity Bootcamp, you’ll have your own 6-10 minute Interview on the Mike Koenigs show set, with Mike Koenigs. Mike will interview you about your business, create a clear call to action and make sure you leave with an interview you can use over and over again. And who knows - your segment may be featured on the next season of the Mike Koenigs Show! Your interview will be professionally recorded and edited, that you can use to post to any website, TV show or speaking gig to grow your list, brand, business, and following.
 Use your interview to get booked on TV and podcasts or media to put on your social channels. 
Are you perplexed by the new Live aspect of social media? Well let us take the mystery of Live Streaming out of the equation. We’ll build and engage your Facebook following as we “Go Live and Stream" to your Facebook Page. We Cross-Promote you to Multiply and Amplify your Message, Buzz and Reach. 
You’ll leave the studio with a brand new hard drive loaded with your interview, headshots, behind the scenes photos and videos and all the raw photos and videos we shoot and record during your time in the studio. You have the rights to use any of the pieces in your marketing, advertising, social media and anywhere else you'd like to use it.  Yep, we definitely over deliver ... and the best part is, it's a blast!
Get Found, Seen, Watched & Promoted in Only 72 Hours!
Webcast Profit Toolkit
Exclusive access to Webcast Profit Toolkit course (currently retails for $1,997). This is the industry standard for showing you how to market and promote through video or live streaming content.
Webcast Profit Bootcamp 
Access to the Webcast Profit Boot Camp training series (currently retails for $6,997). This training will show you how to create a great “show hook,” how to capture and audience, and how to look and perform great on camera.
Your 30-60 Second Sizzle Reel!
We will create up to a 60 second sizzle reel from the footage that we shot during your time in our studio. If you have footage and photos you’d like to add to your reel, professional media appearance videos and photos - we can include those too!  Your sizzle reel can be used before any stage presentation, on your website, social media, before all of your direct to camera videos.

When you take advantage of this One Pay Bonus, we'll also add your sizzle reel to your Interview, so you will have a complete video that you can use to get booked as a speaker and expert.
Shawna Kaminski
Female Fat Loss Over 40 Expert
Women over 40 face some real health challenges and 60% of all divorces are initiated by women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Shawna Kaminski, says many women aren't prepared for the changes brought on by menopause. 

She’s the bestselling author of “Lose Your Menopause Belly: The Simple 4-Step System to Lose the Fat and Get Your Sexy Back after 40” and Spike TV Fitness Guru, online fitness coach to over 50,000 women.  She's here to guide women and the men they’re married to as they navigate the years before, during and after menopause!
David Haase, MD
#1 Best Selling Author, Medical Director - MaxWell Clinic 
A new type of healthcare is that goes way beyond what is taught in medical schools. And one of the doctors at the leading edge of this movement is with us today to show us the hidden things that are holding us back from healing.

David Haase, MD Trained & Practiced at the Mayo Clinic and over the last 20 years he has taught over 10,000 physicians the science and art of Creating Health. 
Irene Cooper
International Love Coach & #1 Bestselling Author 
She claims it takes career AND Love to be truly happy in life. Founder of Date Confidence, Irene Cooper- has been to 5 continents, 24 countries, researching and mentoring over 6,000 single and married men and women to find the secrets to a happy, fulfilled life.

Best selling author and international love coach, Irene Cooper has been to 5 continents, 24 countries, researching and mentoring over 6,000 Japanese single AND married women to find the secrets to a happy, fulfilled life. And she claims it takes career AND love to be truly happy in life…
Anat Baniel
Founder, Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®
Did you know we can actually wake up our brains to create new connections, new learning and new possibilities at any age to overcome pain or disability and achieve new levels of performance? The brain can essentially CHANGE itself on give it the right conditions.

The woman at the forefront of this cutting edge science and practice is Anat Baniel, Founder of the Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement and author of two highly acclaimed books, Move Into Life Neuromovement for Lifelong Vitality and Kids Beyond Limits. Whether you have a child with special needs or you’re an adult that is looking to have more vitality, clearer thinking, overcome pain or mental limitations, Anat Baniel’s nine essentials can help train the brain to overcome any obstacle.

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